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Jane's USAF Super Pro 9.4 Information (README)
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Author:  Eagle114th [ Mon Mar 01, 2021 20:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Jane's USAF Super Pro 9.4 Information (README)

Hello everyone,

I am going to share what I have learned about Jane's USAF big mod pack known as Super Pro 9.4.

I am currently learning how to use Super Pro 9.4 launcher pro. For now, I am sharing what I learned about Super pro 9.4.

Jane's USAF Installation instruction

Super Pro Installation instruction and information

I am quoting information from Super 9.4 readme:




There are well over 1000 missions and 494 planes with several new skins. SP9.4 offers the best of both worlds. All of the Stock missions have been added to SP9.4 plus several types of new missions and campaigns. Just to name a few… There is a 1950's era Korean War campaign where F-86 Sabers and MiG-15's mix it up. There are new weapons added to match that time period as well. There is a new Falklands War campaign with Harriers. There are also new campaigns in the North Cape, Cuba, Sudan, Iceland, India, Iraq vs. Iran 1980, Libya, Panama, South Korea, and many more.

Air and ground targets will no longer show up on JTIDS unless they are targeted by friendly aircraft. In SP9.4 the JTID will automatically update to show targets as long as you or any another friendly aircraft with datalink capability has a bogie targeted to pass the information on. But if no friendly aircraft with datalink capability has a bogie targeted you will not have an automatic view of an enemy aircraft and it will remain off JTIDS until you or a friendly with datalink capability has it targeted. In other words... The bad guys will not just be left on JTIDS at all times. You or a friendly with datalink capability will have to have it locked first so that other friendly aircraft with datalink capability can see the data. You will now be able to fly UCAV missions and the UCAV's have their own cockpit to add to the realism. Escort missions are now more interactive. You will now be able give wingman commands to Heavy Aircraft on these types of missions.

In rescue missions for hijacked commercial jets you will be able to tell jetliners to steer clear of the battle until the coast is clear. For a change of pace… There are several missions in 9.4 were you fly commercial jets only. In these types of missions you have to fly to multiple airports and keep on schedule to pass the mission. These missions are a really nice relaxing change of pace. In limited engagements you will be able to tell fighter jets that come into restricted arias to turn around or be shot down. The rules of engagement for these types of missions are that you do not fire unless fired upon. The cool thing about this type of mission is that you will never know if your bogie will fire at you or join up with you to be escorted out of restricted territory. This makes for a really tense situation because with some of the new weapons in SP9.4 all it takes is one hit and you're dead.

And speaking of new weapons… The weapons loadouts are much more accurate and there are several types of new weapons to use. Everything from old school weapons to some of the newest high tech weapons out now. There is an all-new nuclear blast effect. It's a really cool effect. In missions where Nuclear weapons are used the Nuke will take out a whole city and you get the mushroom cloud effect as well. You can also test Nuclear weapons as well as other types new of weapons in the weapons training section of the game to see how they work. Some of the different types of new weapons include the GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb (SDB). The Small Diameter Bomb is a lightweight 250-LB weapon with the same explosive power as a 2000-LB bomb. Another type of weapon is the CBU-107 Passive Attack Weapon (WCMD). This Weapon can destroy suspected biological and chemical facilities without scattering dangerous debris. It will destroy the inside of a building but leave the outside of it in tact There are also Thermobaric Weapons for attacking tunnels and underground facilities and BLU Penetration bombs for attacking hardened targets just to name a few.

The game will now have more strategy to it. You will now have to make sure you have the right weapon selected for the target you are to bomb because some of the new targets have armor added and they will not be destroyed unless they are hit with a hard target penetration bomb. The list goes on & on but this is a pretty good preview of what's to come in Super Pro 9.4


Operating Super Pro 9.4:

Super Pro 9.4 has been completely reprogrammed and any custom user missions created under any previous Admin versions will not run under this version.

Although Super Pro 9.4 has several new features you will have to activate them manually. It only takes a click of a button but you will be responsible for activating or deactivating the mod you want to use.


1: You will want to make sure that the aircraft in the mission have the right FM's. You can make sure the FM's are correct by using the [Default-FM's] to reset all of the FM's before you start your mission. Also before you start your mission make sure you select the right Cockpit-FM for the aircraft that you will be flying in the mission.

2: You will want to make sure that you are using the correct Terrain-Airbase for your mission. If you have the wrong Terrain-Airbase selected the ground objects will seem out of place. Again… this only takes a second to do but you will be responsible for manually selecting the correct Terrain-Airbase for your mission. The game cannot do this automatically.

Although there are hundreds of new missions to fly in Super Pro 9.4 you will only see 14 missions in the mission selection window. To access the rest of the missions you will have to single click one of the missions and then use your down arrow to see the rest of the missions available to you.

To keep up with the high standards of today's flight sims almost all of the planes in Super Pro 9.4 have been reskined, touched up, or done from scratch to make then look better. 99% of the skins in Super Pro 9.4 are 512 x 512 high-resolution. High-resolution skins will not work with Voodoo 3 video cards, as the planes will appear to be all white. This can be fixed by re-sizing the skin .bmp files to 256 x 256 pixels using your favorite graphics-editing program.


Flight Model:

I have been working very hard on the FM's section of the game for quite some time now and I am very very excited to say that for the very first time in USAF history all of the planes in the game now fly to spec!... WOW!!! You have never seen USAF like this before. The pucker factor has just gone up at least 75%. I almost don't know were to start; the game is so much more exciting now it's ridiculous. For starters I have (COMPLETELY ELIMINATED) that annoying bobbing & weaving effect that the planes had. I have also opened up the playing field so to speak. You will now be able to fly and fight better at higher altitude.

This makes the dog fighting aspect of the game much more 3 dimensional. And speaking of dog fighting... The speed of the game has also been sped up. New game speed plus new altitudes = much more excitement when it comes to dog fighting. (No more easy gun kills) Now you will have to earn your kills;… even against the AI fighters. It is quite a thrill to fly in a SR-71 Blackbird at over Mach 3.2 / 2,000 mph with (NO BOBBING & WEAVING) or do an intercept in a MiG-25 at lightning speed and at high altitude. Out of the box all of the planes in the game were grossly under powered so now with the new FM's you will actually have to pay close attention to how you fly your plane.

No more kicking the after burner in and just leaving it in through out the dogfight. You will really have to watch you air speed as well as the enemy or you will either black out, red out, or flame out. You just have to see it to believe it. There are now new FM's for all of the planes in the game. Using one of the new V/STOL aircraft's FM's you will be able to start your mission by taking off in just a few feet then stop and do a full 360 in mid air while in level flight then fly to the target aria STOP IN MID AIR! let the enemy convoy have it with mavericks blazing then return to base and land. But this will not be just any ordinary landing you will be able to land right in front of the shack that you took off from! Wow! what a rush. Landing like this really takes some getting use to but with some practice taking off and landing in a Helicopter or V/STOL aircraft can be a lot of fun.

Man O man! This is gonna be great! You are now able to fly missions from Aircraft Carriers, in V/STOL Aircraft & Helicopters, Stealth, ABL, SR-71 recon, right down to old fashion carpet bombing in a B-52 or Cargo runs Oh! and don't forget the fighters. You will also be able to operate an M1A1 and fight on the ground with all of the other ground objects. It's a little more on the arcade side but it's still a whole lotta fun. There are four Ground Assault campaigns in Super Pro 9.4 and in these campaign's you are assigned the role of gunner on an M1A1. This is really what Fighters Anthology was trying to do when it came out years ago but now it's finally a reality in Super Pro 9.4


Campaigns and missions:

There are 50 campaigns in Super Pro 9.4 and some of the campaigns have as many as 100 missions in them. You can play multi player tank battles and there are even two multi player campaigns as well as a host of multi player single missions for online play. One multi player campaign has 15 missions and the other has 40. All in all there are over 800 missions in SP9.4. To the best of my recollection there has never been a flight sim to offer 50 campaigns. You'd be lucky to get 50 missions in most flight sims. If you played Super Pro 9.4 every single day it would probably take you around a year to play this one out from beginning to end. This is something you will just have to see to believe.

There are also more new airbases, new cockpits, new modified terrain, and much much more the list is far to long to name everything that has either been changed or added to Super Pro 9.4

[NOTE]: There is a new folder in Super Pro 9.4 named (Mods). This is were you can access the new add-ons for Super Pro 9.4



RWR Mod 1
With so many aircraft in the game now the RWR system has become out dated so there has been a new RWR system added to the game. Now instead of the number of the aircraft showing up in the RWR there are 5 new categories added. 5 being the strongest down to 1 being the weakest.
Example: An F-22A would be in category [5] and a MiG-21 would be in category [1].

RWR Aircraft Category Chart

[5] F-22, F-35, X-32, YF-23,

[4] Dagger, EF-2000, F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18, J-10, J-11, J-35F, JA-37D, JAS-39A, Lavi, Rafale, MiG-29, MiG-31, Su-27, Su-30, Su-35, Su-37, Su-47, X-29,

[3] F-21, F-4, Kfir, MiG-25, Mirage2000, Mirage5, MirageF-1, MirageIII, Su-22, Su-24, Su-25, Tornado,

[2] A-4, C-101, F-104, F-105, F-20, F-5, G-4, J-22, Jaguar, Hawk, Lightning F-3, Super Etendard, MiG-23, Yak-38,

[1] J-5, J-6, J-7, MiG-17, MiG-19, MiG-21,

Most bombers will appear in the RWR with the designation .

[B] B-1B, B-2A, B-52, C-130A, F-111, Su-24, Su-33, Su-34,

2: RWR Mod 2
With all the new SAM's in the game the RWR system has become out dated for that as well. The new system for SAM's will be as follows. Now instead of the number of the SAM tracking you coming up on the RWR there are 3 categories for SAM missiles now.

Example 1: An SA-10 SAM site is Radar Guided so instead of a [10] showing up in the RWR there will be an [R] to let you know that a Radar Guided missile is tracking you.

Example 2: An SA-6 SAM site is guided by a Simi Active Radar so instead of a [6] showing up in the RWR the letter's [SR] will show up to let you know that a Simi Radar missile is tracking you.

Example 3: An SA-19 SAM site has an infrared guidance system. So instead of a [19] showing up in the RWR the letter's [IR] will show up to let you know that an infrared missile is tracking you.

RWR & (HARM-MFD) SAM Category Chart

[R] SA-2, SA-5, SA-8, SA-10, SA-12, SA-15, SA-20, SA-21, GTR-18A,

[SR] SA-4, SA-6, SA-11, SA-17,

[IR] SA-3, SA-7, SA-9, SA-13, SA-14, SA-16, SA-18, SA-19, GTR-18B,

[NOTE!]: There is a known problem with the RWR. With some video cards the RWR symbols do not show up. There is a fix for this problem however. Inside the Mods folder there is a folder named (Super Pro 9.4 RWR Fix) inside this folder there is a file named (Super Pro 9.4 RWR Fix) click this file and it will overwrite the existing RWRsymb file in the cockpits folder and your RWR symbols should now show up when you run your mission. (DO THIS ONLY IF YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLE SEEING THE RWR SYMBOLS).


[b]New Air Forces:

Instead of just having a certain aircraft form this country or that country in the game I put the whole airforce into the game. Example: in Iran's airforce they have the F-4,F-5,F-14,J-7,MiG-29,MiG-23, and the SU-24 there may be a few more support aircraft that I am leaving out but that is the heart of their airforce. All of these aircraft now have skins to match the country that they fight for.

There are over 400 aircraft in Super Pro 9.4 and almost all of them are flyable. The list is to long to name all of the aircraft so here is a list of all of the countries that have airforces in Super Pro 9.4. Each of the countries in the game has several aircraft in their airforces.

U.S.A., Great Britain, Canada, Israel, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Libya, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Greece, Cuba, Vietnam, China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Serbia, Czech Republic, Albania, Argentina, Spain, Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, Russia,

That's 33 countries in all so now when you mission makers have at it you will have a wide source to choose from. This should make for some interesting scenarios.


(Non Controllable V/STOL Aircraft) AKA Vertical/Short Takeoff and Land (V/STOL):

In Super Pro 9.4 all (Non Controllable V/STOL Aircraft) have their own designation that lets you know that the plane can hover. The (Non Controllable V/STOL Aircraft) can be found under the Helicopter tab in the UME.


[V] AV-8B

Any Non Controllable aircraft with the designation [V] before it will be able to hover.


Ground Target Aircraft:

Every aircraft in the game now has a corresponding aircraft that can be placed on the ground as a (Ground Target Aircraft). The ground target aircraft can be found under the convoy tab in the UME. The ground target aircraft are all found under the convoy tab so that you can place them in different formations once placed on the ground.

[NOTE]: In Super Pro 9.4 all ground target aircraft have their own designation that lets you know that the plane can only be placed on the ground. Any aircraft with the designation [G] before it will not fly. It can only be placed on the ground.

Also once you place a ground target aircraft on the ground do not move it or the wheels of the aircraft will sink into the ground. If you place it and do not move it the wheels of the plane will set on the ground properly.


New Reference section:

The Reference section of the game has been completely redone. You may want to take a peek in the reference section to get up to speed on the new planes and weapons that have been added to the game.


New Weapons:

The list of new weapons in Super Pro 9.4 is far to long to name all of them but the weapons section has been highly fine tuned. Most all of the weapons in the game have been revamped... Not just the way they look but the way they work as well. To enhance the realism of the game extinctive work has gone into fine tuning the weapons Pressure, Blast Radius, Drag, Weight, Range, Penetration Factor etc. At the loadout screen all of the weapons have a description to help you choose the right weapon for your mission. Also sense the Web section of the game has been completely redone. There are links to web sites like F.A.S, Aerospaceweb.org & GlobelSecurity.org (just to name a few) that give an in-depth description of all of the planes & weapons and how they work. It is a good idea to check these sites out to learn more about all of the latest weaponry.


The ECM Jammer has been fixed.

The ABL weapon system consists of a high-energy, chemical oxygen iodine laser (COIL) mounted on a modified 747-400F (freighter) aircraft to shoot down theater ballistic missiles in their boost phase. A crew of four, including pilot and copilot, would be required to operate the airborne laser, which would patrol in pairs at high altitude, about 40,000 feet, flying in orbits over friendly territory, scanning the horizon for the plumes of rising missiles. Capable of autonomous operation, the ABL would acquire and track missiles in the boost phase of flight, illuminating the missile with a tracking laser beam while computers measure the distance and calculate its course and direction.

In Super Pro 9.4 the AL-1A (Air Born Laser) has a range of up to 18 miles. Once you have a lock on the target you do not have to keep the aiming recital directly on the target. Just make sure you have the nose of your plane pointed in the general direction of the target and the laser will do the rest. After acquiring and locking onto the target fire a three-to five-second burst from a turret located in the 747's nose, and the laser will destroy the incoming missiles.

The ABL weapon comes with a sound file to add to the realism of the weapon. See 9: (Sound files) below.

The CBU-94 Blackout Bomb is a special-purpose munitions for attacking electrical power infrastructure. When the carbon fiber filaments dispensed from the CBU-94 submunition contact transformers and other high voltage equipment, a short circuit occurs and an arc is often created when the current flows through the fiber, which is vaporized. When this happens it's lights out... often times a whole city can be put into a black out due to this one weapon. (For effect this weapon is best used at night.)

BQM-74C & BQM-74E Target Drones can be used to simulate aircraft or cruise missiles in a variety of threat profiles. In Super Pro 9.4 the BQM-74C Target Drone is used to simulate cruise missiles while the BQM-74E Target Drone is used to simulate aircraft.

The BQM-74E Target Drone also carries chaff & flare dispensers for self-defense.

[Known issues with weapons]:

1: Due to a game bug the IR missiles do not work at 1200x1600-video resolution.

[Work around]:

Either use video resolution that is higher or lower than 1200x1600 or in game play options select (Easy Aiming) to correct this problem.

Also the AIM-54 Phoenix AA Missile could not be made 100% accurate it has a limit to it's range.

2: On some aircraft laser pods will not work when they are selected at the loatout screen.

[Work around]:

To correct this problem place the laser pod onto your plane from the UME.

3: On certain aircraft some weapons will CTD if you load them from the loadout screen in the game.

[Work around]:

Load the weapon onto you plane in the UME and it won't CTD when you run the game.

4: On certain aircraft some weapons will CTD if you load them from the UME.

[Work around]:

Load the weapon onto you plane at the loadout screen in the game and it won't CTD when you run the game.


Sound files:

There are additional sound files for the Air Born Laser, Helicopters, & the Turbo-Prop planes. These sound files will automatically be loaded into your mission once you have selected an aircraft that uses one of these sound files.

There is also a file in the Mods folder named [Default Sound Files]. Use this to reset the sounds back the default if needed.


New Flight Models Files:

As mentioned above there are new FM's for all of the planes in the game now. To use one of the new FM's goto the Mods folder. Inside that folder there is a folder named Cockpits-FM's this is were all of the new Cockpits & FM's are. To use a new Cockpit-FM simply click the name of the aircraft you would like to use. That's it! Now when you fly your mission your aircraft will have the right Cockpit, FM, Rear View Skin, & Sound File, and all with just a click of a button.

Example: If in your mission you are to fly the AV-8B then you would goto Mods\Cockpit-FM click the file named AV-8B. When you run your mission you plane will now fly like a V/STOL aircraft and you will have the right Cockpit, Rear View Skin, & Sound Files, that go along with this aircraft as well. You will also be able to access and select the new Cockpit-FM mods from the Web-Mods section without ever leaving the game.

NOTE: Don't forget to use the right Cockpit-FM before you do your mission. This is very important because the user will be responsible for loading the right Cockpits-FM before each mission.

There is also a file in the Cockpits-FM's folder named [Default-FM's]. Use this to reset the Cockpit-FM's back the default if needed. It is a good idea to do this quit often.

[Known issues with FM's]:

1: If an aircraft seems to be to high off the ground when using land airbases this could be due to the fact that the Navy FM's are still loaded into the game from a previous mission.

[Work around]:

Make sure to use the [Default-FM's] to reset the FM's. This will get rid of the carrier based FM's and reset them back to the land based FM's.

2: Using the flaps may seem to cause excessive drag when using the Navy aircraft. Sense there is no way to implement a landing hook this had to be done in order to help the plane come to a complete stop once it has landed back on the carrier.

With all of the new FM's in the game now it is a good idea to try them out before actually doing a mission. Put in a little sim time and try a few practice takeoffs & landings first. With the new FM's some aircraft fly completely different than others and it would be a shame to get back from a flawless mission only to crash on landing back at the base because you are not use to how your aircraft fly's.

[Speed and Fuel efficiency]

This dose not apply to all planes but in Super Pro 9.4 most planes achieve maximum speed and maximum fuel efficiency at high altitude above 50,000 feet. Weight and drag from weapons plus the weight of your fuel will also be a factor in your max speed and fuel efficiency.

[Swing wing aircraft]

1: When flying swing-wing aircraft like the F-14B or B-1B press the flaps key to go into (Wing Sweep Mode.) Press the flaps key again to extend the wings.

[Taking off with your helicopter or V/STOL aircraft.]:

When placing any aircraft on the runway the game automatically starts your aircraft off with 10000 lbs. of fuel. By doing this it makes helicopters or V/STOL aircraft 3 times heavier than they should be at takeoff.

[Work around]:

Start your helicopters or V/STOL aircraft in the air at the start of the mission or when you place them on the ground make sure to place them at the hanger instead of on the runway. This will make your helicopters and V/STOL aircraft takeoff, fly, & land properly because they will have the proper weight and amount of fuel at the start of the mission.

Also when using multiple helicopters or V/STOL aircraft in a mission you will have to taxi to the takeoff point to get the AI aircraft to takeoff. If you are the only helicopter or V/STOL aircraft in your flight you can takeoff from wherever you like. i.e. the runway or even the hanger itself.

[Flying in (Hover Mode).]

1: When flying helicopters or V/STOL aircraft use the flaps key to go into (Hover Mode).

[Turning in level flight.]

2: To do a full 360 turn in level flight use the rudder key. You will also have to pull the stick in the reverse direction of the rudder to stay level.

[Landing your Helicopter or V/STOL aircraft.]

Landing requires a very light touch.

1st: At about 2 miles from your (LZ) Landing Zone reduce your speed to around 150 knots.

2nd: At about 1.5 miles make sure that you go into hover mode by pressing the flaps key and just after that lower your landing gear. Your air speed will drop very fast at this point but try not to let it drop below 55 knots

3rd: (And this is very important.) Try to keep the (velocity vector) in the center of your HUD and try to keep a slow and steady rate of decent.

NOTE: You may have to toggle your 2D Cockpit Position in order to keep the velocity vector in the center of your HUD due to the amount of fuel or weapons you have left once you return to base.

4th: Try to make your landing a soft one by making your Helicopter or V/STOL aircraft flare lightly just before touchdown.

5th: After touching down don't forget to apply brakes (by pressing B) until the plane comes to a stop.

It will take some practice but after a while you will be making perfect landings in your Helicopter or V/STOL aircraft every time.

[Landing the AV-8's]

In Super Pro 9.4 the AV-8A FM is used for regular takeoff and landings while the AV-8B FM is used for V/STOL.

Also the AI helicopters and V/STOL aircraft do not have the ability to land so use the orbit command for the rest of your AI flight once you return back to the base.

[Known issue with heavy planes]:

After touchdown some heavy planes front landing gear may tend to take too long to touch the ground after landing causing you to crash.

[Work around]:

To avoid this simply push forward on the stick a little to make sure that the front landing gear is on the ground.

[Carrier Landings]

Carrier landings require a great deal of concentration. Often times getting your plane back on deck can be more stressful then the mission it self especially at night and in bad weather. There is a very small margin of error when landing on the carrier. Carrier landings are very unforgiving so you will have to touch down just right or you will crash!

[Getting back aboard ship]

1: Start you final decent around 10 miles from the carrier.

2: Lower your flaps or extend your wings if you are in the F-14

3: Turn on your exterior lights.

4: Slow your aircraft to between 150 & 180 knots just before touchdown. (This will very between planes)

5: Try to catch the 3 wire then immediately tap the wheel break to bring the front wheel down then once the front wheel touches the deck hit and hold the wheel break again to stop.


Make sure that your two back wheels touch the deck at the same time. If you are off balance when you touch down instead of hitting the wheel break go to full power takeoff and try it again.

Sense there is no way to alter the code to add previsions for a landing hook the Super Pro 9.4 Navy FM's have been modified so that the wheel break is strong enough to bring you to a complete stop once you land on the carrier.

Also the AI Navy aircraft do not have the ability to land so use the orbit command for the rest of your AI flight once you return back to the carrier.

11: (F-16 Pod Mod)

In Super Pro 9.4 each of the F-16's has a mod called Pods. To change the pods for the F-16 you will have to goto the [Aircraft] folder then find the F-16 that you want. Inside the F-16's folder is another folder called Pods. Copy one of these files and replace the existing file. Now when you run your mission your F-16 will have different pods or no pods at all depending on the pods you select form the Pods folder.

Example: Goto (Jane's USAF Main Folder)\Resource\3DObjects\Aircraft\F-16c\Pods

Inside the Pods folder are four more folders with different types of pods for you to choose from. If you were to go into the folder named No Pods you will see a .BMP file named [004]. Copy this file and overwrite the existing 004 file in the main F-16c folder. Now when you run your mission you will not see any pods on you F-16.

12: (New Airbase's & Aircraft Carrier's)


NellisAFB, NellisRedAFB, BoulderCityAFB, LasVegas_Secret Gravel Runway, AvianoAFB, MaloAFB, ErdingAFB, ErdingRedAFB, Landsberg, MaloAFB, PadovaAFB, SalzburgAFB, SandrigoAFB, Venezia, Senozece, Kulmbach, Munchburg, Ottengquner Heide, Ramat David, Baghdad, TikritAFB, Qaryat Atij, BanKaloungAFB, BanSanounAFB, Hanoi, Vietnam_Secret Gravel Air Base, Kep, GiaLam, HoaLac, PhucYen, VanTapAFB, Vinh, Chungchong Bukto, Kyongsang Bukto, YangyangAFB, Hims, MalatyaAFB, MultanAFB, Afghanistan_Gravel Runway, Helmand, Nimruz, JarbardanAFB, ZindanaAFB, VeneziaAFB, IeneAFB, Tov, Karachi, Buraydah, Saudi Arabia_Gravel Runway, Hail, Ashkhabad, Nukus, Urgench, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Kharkov,

[Aircraft Carrier's]:

CVA-62 Independence, CVA-63 Kitty Hawk, CVN-65 Enterprise, CVN-68 Nimitz, CVN-69 Dwight D. Eisenhower, CVN-70 Carl Vinson, CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt, CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln, CVN-73 George Washington, CVN-75 Harry S. Truman, CVN-76 Ronald Reagan, LHA-1 Tarawa, LHA-2 Saipan, LHA-5 Peleliu, LHD-1 Wasp, CVS-R05 Invincible, CVS-RO6 Illustrious, Charles De Gaulle, Clemenceau, Kremlin Kuznetsov,

13: (New Icons)

With so many new weapons & targets in the game now new Icons have been added to the game for several of the new weapons & targets. You will see the new Icons at the loadout screen, debrief screen, & on the TSD screen.

The new Icons will aid you at the loadout screen... make it easier to see the targets you took out in your mission from the debrief screen... & help you find your target on the map a lot quicker when you are in preflight & during the mission.

14: (New Loadout Screens)

Most all of the planes & weapons have new loadout screens with new pics. As for aircraft where there was no good pic available there are new N/A load screens for this.

15: (New Fly Now missions)

The Fly Now section has been revamped. You will now be able to fly these missions at different times of day or night, with new scenery and in different types of weather as well.

16: (New Multi Player Mods)

Now you can play in Multi Player mode during different times of day or at night or in bad weather. To do this goto Mods\AllOutWar this is where the new multi player files are located.

Example: if you want to play in multi player mode at night and in the rain in Germany you would goto Mods\AllOutWar and click the file named (AllOutWarNightRain) now when you play a multi player match it will be night time and it will be raining.

To put everything back to default goto Mods\AllOutWar and click the file named [Default AllOutWar] and the multi player section will be reset back to the default mode.

17: (Air-dropping troops & supplies)

To deliver your cargo simply hit the (Shift+C) keys and you will drop your cargo just like you would your fuel tanks.

18: (Recon missions)

To take a picture of your target go to FULL SCREEN MFD mode and then hit the print screen key once you are over the target aria.

19: (New Cities)

There are hundreds of cities to fly over now. To load a new city for your mission you will have to know the DME somewhat.
First go to the terrain section of the DME then select the region you want to fly in and then scroll through the list of BM Missions. The BM Missions ARE! the cities. Once you have selected your city then go to the UME and put your mission together.
All of the Red Flag missions were done with the UME & the DME so you can use the Test mission in the UME folder as a guide if you like.

NOTE: You can use any structure in the city as a target. Also there is a folder inside your missions folder named Regions This is for those of you who wish to make missions and are not familiar with were some of these cities are located in the world. Just look into one of the folders inside of the Regions folder and you will find what country the cities/BMmissions are located in.

20: New Targets, New [Group Buildings]

There are far to many new targets to name all of them but another new feather in Super Pro 9.4 is the ability to place several buildings into your mission all at once. Unlike BMmissions you will not have to go into the DME to access these targets. They can be accessed through the UME. The group buildings can be found under the [SAM] tab & the [Convoy] tab.


You can change the formation of all the new [Group Buildings] once they are placed on the map in the UME.


Special Effects:

Now you can add Special Effects to you mission like explosions fire and smoke. The new special effects can be found under the [AAA] tab.

Here is an example of how you could use the new special effects.

In Vietnam, pilots on GS sorties would often fly into a target area with no idea where the enemy was until troops on the ground "popped" an orange smoke marker.

To create a controllable orange smoke marker in the UME: goto the [AAA] tab and select the [Smoke 2 Orange] object and place it on the map. Then goto the mission events tab and under the [If] tab set a time or reach condition for the [Smoke 2 Orange object] then goto the [Then] tab and under [Execute Commands] tab set the [Smoke 2 Orange] object to explode.

Now when you run your mission and the time has elapsed or you reach the object you will see an orange smoke marker on the ground.

[NOTE]: If you decide to use the [Reach] condition be sure to set the [goes under] command to at least 37000 so that the smoke has time to rise before you get there.

This will work for the Smoke 1 Black & Explosions objects as well.


New Terrain-Airbases:

As mentioned above new Terrain & Airbases have been added to the game now. To use one of the new Terrain-Airbases goto the Mods folder. Inside that folder there is a folder named Terrain-Airbase this is were all of the new Terrain & Airbases are. To use a new Terrain-Airbase simply click the name of the Air Base or Carrier you would like to use. That's it! Now when you open the UME you will be able to use the new Terrain & Air Base and all with just a click of a button.


1: The terrain files will automatically be loaded along with the Air Base that you choose.

2: The BanKaloung Air Base will be in the Vietnam theater of operations. To access this Terrain & Air Base you must select the LasVegas terrain in the UME. Once you select LasVegas the new Vietnam terrain will load up instead. You can then proceed to make your mission using the new Vietnam terrain.

NOTE: Even though the actual picture of the terrain could not be changed... The contour of the terrain has been changed dramatically in most cases. So even though some of the new airbases may seem to be in the same location give each of them a try because the actual contour of the terrain will be different for all of the new terrain in the game.

You will also be able to access and select the new Terrain-Airbase mods from the Web-Mods section without ever leaving the game.

NOTE: When making new missions or campaigns you will have to make a side note that lets the user know witch (Terrain-Airbase) to use with the mission or campaign. This is very important because the user will be responsible for loading the right Terrain-Airbase for the mission or campaign.

Example: Along with the mission description in the mission briefing you should add a line that looks something like this...

(Terrain-Airbase: The Vietnam_CVN-68 Nimitz Aircraft Carrier should be loaded before starting this campaign. The terrain files will automatically be loaded along with the Vietnam_CVN-68 Nimitz Aircraft Carrier.)

This will let the user know witch Terrain-Airbase to load up before starting the mission or campaign.


The Mission Brief screen:

From the Mission Brief screen there is a BUILDING PRESSURE CHART: that tells you how much the building can take before it is destroyed use this to determine what type of weapons you need for the mission.
Also from the loadout screen in each weapons description tells exactly what the weapons is capable of.

Example: AGM65D Mid-range, (TV-guided) AG missile. (Pres.1500)
Example: GBU36 Laser-guided standoff GPS bomb. (Pres.30000)

If the building you are going to destroy is an AirDefenseCenter and its pressure units =90,000 and you used the GBU36 you would need to use 3 of them to accomplish your mission. This chart really takes the guesswork out! You'll know just what type of bomb to use and how many to take along.


Controlling the M1A1 & M1A2 tanks:

In Super Pro 9.4 as long as you select the Ground Assault Terrain and the M1-A1D or M1-A2 Cockpit-FM you will have all the sights and sounds you need for your Ground Assault mission. The Player dose not have to go into no crash mode, you will be able to go anywhere on the map you like and you won't crash, you get full credit for your game score and so long as you have the Ground Assault Terrain selected you can also select the M1-A1D and M1-A2 in the UME as a controllable object and make you own Ground Assault missions.

NOTE: When driving the M1A1 or M1A2 be careful when driving on mountainous terrain. The tank dose not handle well on the type of terrain. The tank tends to louse control on very steep terrain and may tip over. If that happens you will have to restart your mission.

Also don't forget to release the wheel break at the start of your mission.



1: If you run your mission and it seems that some of the aircraft in the mission are to high of the ground… it's probably because they are using the Cockpit-FM intended for carrier missions.

To fix this simply select the [Default-FM's] in the mods folder. This will reset the Cockpit-FM's back normal.

2: If you run your mission and it seems that the ground objects are out of place… it's probably because you are using the wrong Terrain-Airbase for your mission.

To fix this make sure you have the correct Terrain-Airbase selected before you start your mission.

3: If you load a mod and it seems that parts of the mod are missing (sound, terrain, or things of that nature) it's probably because the game dose not recognize that certain parts of the mod are loaded.

To fix this load the mod first before you run USAF and the game will recognize all of the changes once it loads up.

4: You may notice that is takes longer for your game or the UME to load.

There is no fix for this. The game takes longer to load because there are literally hundreds of new objects, mods or add-ons in Super Pro 9.4




It is a good practice to use the [Default-FM's] quite regularly to make sure all the FM's are reset.

(Mission Designer Tips)

To make really good missions the first thing you do is THINK LIKE THE ENEMY! Defend the target like you really don't want your opponent to win. All my missions start at the hanger and end at the hanger just like they would in real life, Now with that out of the way here goes!

1: You will have to use both the UME & DEM first go to the terrain section of the DME then select the region you want to fly in and then scroll through the list of BM Missions. The BM Missions ARE! the cities. BTW it will help very much if you a world map. Once you have selected your city then go to the UME and put your mission together. (NOTE:) The game has a limit to the amount of objects you can use before the UME crashes.

2: Now that you have your terrain & city Name the mission set the time & weather and SAVE OFTEN just in case the UME crashes!
Then go to the blue structure tab and scroll down and select the sencer object place it over one or more of the hangers these sencers will be used to end the mission once you have made it back to base.

3: Now go to the red structure tab and scroll down and select the sescer object place it over one or more of the ground targets in the mission. We will use this sencer later to view the target from the brief screen.

4: Place all your objects in the mission

5: Go to the mission event tab and set your mission events there are 3 very important events to set!
[1] Designate the target that must be destroyed.
[2] Set your reach condition Example [ IF] Friendly Struct_1(sencer object) to Buick1 goes under 50 [THEN] that would end your mission with a win.
[3] Condition type destroyed [IF] Buick1 is destroyed [THEN] that would end your mission with a loss.
Note: Make sure you put a check by END MISSION.

6: Next go to the pass fail condition and set event 1&2 to things that must occur. and event 3 to things that must not occur.

7: Now you must cut & paste your mission from the UME folder and put it into the mission folder then go to the DME and hit the A tab located at the top of the program. Then rename your targets. Example: change
EnemyStruct_1 to Target1
EnemyStruct_2 to Target2
EnemyStruct_3 to Target3
EnemyStruct_4 to Target4
EnemyStruct_5 to Target5
EnemyStruct_6 to Target6
What this dose is tell the game witch targets to show in the Target Photos: section (this makes your mission look really professional)
Another really cool thing to do is to give your mission a certain amount of randomness by setting the objects Appearance Percentage to 75, 50, or 25% this makes it so that you never have the same mission twice.
Note: Never change the first objects Appearance Percentage because the rest of the squad follows his waypoints and without hem the planes will crash and or the ground forces wont know how to get to there waypoints.
Also for Friendly planes you can only change the last object in the squads Appearance Percentage because if you have 4 planes in a squadron and the second plane dose not show up for the mission planes 3&4 will not move because they follow plane #2 and if he is not there planes 3&4 will not what to do!
As for SAM's you must not change the first 3 at the SAM Site because the 1'st object is the radar the 2'nd object is the command and the 3'rd is the missile that is launched at you. To me this is very important because this makes it so that you never know how many SAM's are gonna be coming at you it could be 1 or all of them depending on who shows up for the mission.

8: After all that go to the mission section in the DME you can finish setting you weather here if need be.
Then go to the mission side this is were you set the Aircraft to start in and also how you tell the game were to find your Mission Brief Info Example: \Brief\Brief\Brief24 The best way to do this is to go to the Brief folder and simply copy an existing Brief file and change the content's of the INTEL & the MISSION OBJECTIVES: and then rename the file. that way you wont have to set everything else in the file up. To make this work there two files to copy Example: Brief22 and Brief22.brl
Next go to the Mission tab and make sure you mission is in there. This is where you set up your campaign. Like I above USE the Test mission as a guide everything that I have just mentioned is in this mission. Hope this helps.;)

USAF has been out for a while now and most of you should be pretty good by now! But humor me; Start all over from the beginning and try out all of the training missions. The game play has been completely redone so that you will have to do really well in order to get promotions and medals now. Enjoy!:)



First and foremost I would like to thank God. I could not have done this without him. It was him that made all the answers to this sim clear to me.

As I started to think about the list of people who helped work on this project I came to the conclusion that everyone in the USAF community deserves credit. Even if all someone did was make a single skin or just make a commit that led to a small change in the game; It's all the little things that have added up and helped to make this game fun for everyone.

So I would like to give all the credit to everyone in the USAF community (Past and Present) because all you're hard work and dedication has made this sim what it is a today.

I would also like to give a special thanks to Gulf Knight, Max, Beamrider, Floyd Moline, Pumkindrvr, Gawl, McFly, The 195th, Aeyes, Major Dragon, Cowboy, F-4E Phantom II, COWAR, Fejsov, Troffmister, Tommy 29, G.B., Mc Hawk, and to all the rest who wish to remain anonymous for their contributions to USAF as well.

And on a final note it has been a long time coming but there are enough goodies in here to last you all a long long time. I hope you all enjoy my work!


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