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 Post subject: Game Remod X
PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2022 21:24 pm 
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Joined: Fri Aug 29, 2003 19:11 pm
Posts: 2151
This thread will consolidate release information for Game Remod X (GRX), the current (and hopefully last) version of the ancient Game Remod LIB series. Personally, I don't love the name anymore but I couldn't possibly think of anything else to call it and the title is pretty self-explanatory for what it does. I know I was super original way back then when I named this LIB series. Regardless, to not get sidetracked, I have started a new thread to declutter GRX releases from the now aptly named Game Remod Help & Discussion Thread. The purpose of that thread will be to discuss issues, report bugs, and ask questions concerning GRX. I will keep this thread just for release information.

Beginning with this thread, I have updated how I will deliver GRX. Rather than provide individual files, I am going to provide the entire package as a whole. It's a zipped file that you can unzip wherever you please. It will make its own folders, which further organize each category and release into their appropriate folder. It isn't 1999 anymore and we don't have 56K internet so there isn't much of a need for small releases that have to be updated individually with each change. Within the directory, you will find subfolders for each category (Main LIBs, Custom Campaigns, Default Campaigns, SP Missions, et cetera). Each of these folders will have the individual releases. Future updates will add to and/or update these folders. Within each one you will find the specific project's build data, the LIB files, a README file, and other ancillary files that I might add. There aren't README files for everything just yet but they will come in time.

In addition to the LIBs, I am making available the FATK project folders. Janes Fighters Anthology is 25+ years old and I don't see any reason to "keep secrets" anymore. There's like 10 people still playing this game (including myself) so there's really no reason to prove anything to anyone anymore. Those days are long since past. Maybe if we ever get a Fighters Anthology II that isn't a money suck like DCS (who's excited for F-15E, F-4E, Typhoon, et cetera -- I know I am) we can revisit the mentality but for now, it's here for you to use and enjoy as you see fit. You can find this on my Google Drive, which is linked below.

I am also including a master Excel sheet that I have, which contains a significant amount of information for not only GRX but other stuff as well. It is broken into 5 sections: GRX, Ship Data, Utilities, Future, and Flight Envelopes. GRX contains working notes and information specific to the GRX package. Ship Data is a master repository for how I have been updating carriers in GRX, specific to their weapons and configuration changes and other assorted data. Utilities contains 3 tabs (as of this moment), a calculator that is used to determine a lot of things, information on CMDS systems, and information on RL weaponry. Future is for future enhancements to GRX but nothing "actionable" yet. Flight Envelopes is a repository of flight envelope modifications I have made or may make or just want to save. I know very little about flight envelopes so take everything you see there with a grain of salt. However, in the actual Flight Envelopes tab is a very accurate chart I copied from the SR-71 flight manual showing Mach 1 speeds at every altitude in increments of 1,000 feet from 0 to 100,000 feet and then 10,000-foot increments to 150,000 feet, and finally for 200,000 feet. This chart converts from ft/s to mph, kn, km/h, and m/s rounded to 1 decimal place. This should help anyone doing anything in flight envelopes as the flight envelope speeds in FA are in ft/sec.

Lastly, as a disclaimer for credits, I will make a general statement as it is impossible to provide the most accurate credits possible. Many of the players who contributed to Game Remod X did so over two decades ago and have long since moved onto other things. In many cases, we don't even know who contributed what anymore because of lost knowledge and data. That being said, please understand that I - in no way, shape, or form - have intended to steal anyone's work or take credit for anything that is not mine. Individuals who have contributed to Janes Fighters Anthology and, by proxy, Game Remod X include but are in no way limited to and in alphabetical order: the 77th Squadron, the 369th Squadron, the 714th Squadron, CAG Hotshot, Eagle_114th, ELH (Vietnam map), Gadget, Hawk, JKPete aka Zephyr, Just Mob, Kaptor, Pappy, and USNRaptor. If I missed anyone, it is likely because I simply forgot or do not remember, the omission was hardly intentional. Shoot me a note and remind me please. I will close with saying that any "graphics" (i.e. camos, icons, and shapes) are likely borrowed from other LIBs or the old Shapes & Skins Repository from so many years ago. I claim no credit for any graphical work (it's something I never did or did well).

Current Release Versions
  • Lite LIB: 1.019 [28-FEB-24 - 00:28 EST]
  • Vietnam Campaign Mod: 1.007 [22-SEP-23 - 21:36 EDT]
  • Operation Final Strike 1975: 1.000 [11-OCT-22 - 00:31 EDT]
  • USN Pilot Training: 1.001 [11-OCT-22 - 22:47 EDT]



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 Post subject: Re: Game Remod X
PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2022 21:25 pm 
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Joined: Fri Aug 29, 2003 19:11 pm
Posts: 2151
Change Log: Lite LIB

Update Log v.1.019
  • Updated AN/ALQ-72 to AN/ALQ-71
  • Added Air Raid Siren (Nuke Forces)
  • Added CAG's MiG-19 Farmer shape
  • Updated C-130H Hercules flight envelope
  • Updated HARM speed & range
  • Added USNRaptor's Gray C-130 Hercules shape
  • Added 10% spoof change to flares for AIM-9X and ASRAAM
  • Refreshed weapon icons from JKPFA 5.3 & old Icon Repository
  • Changed ECM on F-111F & A-5D to match F-15E
  • Added F-111A + Vietnam-era ECM
  • Increased radar range on the Spy Satellite & E-8C Joint-STARS to provided better A2G targeting assistance
  • Added F-16CJ Block 52D to differentiate with F-16C Block 50/52
  • Added AGM-78B Standard ARM
  • Added RGM-109C Tomahawk for Arleigh Burke & Ticondoerga class ships to fire
  • Replaced A-6E (non-TRAM) with A-6A Intruder
  • Corrected F-16s to carry centerline 300-gallon EFT
  • Corrected A-6E Intruder to carry centerline 300-gallon EFT
  • Corrected F/A-18E/F to carry 480-gallon EFTs
  • Added EA-18G Growler & F-105G Thunderchief
  • Increased AGM-88C HARM range to 81nm for PB mode availabilities
  • Made Kh-555 targetable and destroyable and renamed Kludge-A
  • Change Mica IR to 25/75
  • Updated AGM-114P Hellfire II damage
  • Updated the chaff & flare for the IL-76 & A-50
  • Added the IL-78 Midas
  • Added PL-5E-II and PL-12B for the JF-17
  • Removed unnecessary SEE items to free up weapon/ECM slots
  • Added A340-300 (AlexLIB camo), 767-300ER, and 7773-300ER (AlexLIB camo)
  • Added KC-10A Extender (CAG camo)
  • Added Playset EO sensor to bombers for targeting
  • Added L-39ZA Albatross & 350L External Fuel Tank
  • Updated AGM-84D Harpoon to be ship-fired; updated US ships to shoot them
  • Updated AM-39 Exocet to be ship-fired; updated Type 69 to shoot them
  • Corrected Su-27 Flanker-B texture error
  • Replaced Yak-141 camo with Eagle_114th's updated version
  • Added KF-21A Boramae with USNRaptor's skin
  • Updated fuel quantities on F-16CJ & F-16CM; updated hardpoints to include FLIR+LASER along with HTS
  • Added QF-16 Falcon
  • Updated fuel on F-2A and added CAG's F-2A skin
  • Updated R-77-1 Adder launch to match AIM-120 parameters
  • Updated the CVN-69 with Eagle_114th's new textures
  • Update to track ranges on the APG-70 (F-15E)
  • Updated GAU-8 firing effects
  • Added smoke effects to all guns
  • Updated SUU-16/A to SUU-23/A
  • Updated self-destruct on the 23x115mm [GSH-23] to 14 sec; 23x152mm [ZSU-23] to 12 sec; 57mm [ZSU-57] 17 sec
  • Updated self-destruct on the 30x165mm [2A42] to 14.5 sec; 37mm [N-37 & M1939] to 12 sec

Update Log v.1.018
  • Added Amtrac (AAVP-7A1)
  • Added J-10C Firebird-C
  • Added J-8IIF Finback-B
  • Added JF-17 Thunder
  • Added P-35 BAR LOCK for SA-5B Gammon site
  • Added radar beam
  • Added S-70 Okhotnik-B & RQ-170 Sentinel
  • Corrected damage points & weights on RBK-250 & RBK-500 bombs
  • Corrected damage points on CBU-87, JP-233
  • Corrected names on roads
  • Flipped KING.OT and GCI.NT
  • Gave search radars a "radar beam" for HARM targeting
  • Removed continuous fire from CBU-100/B Rockeye II 3PK
  • Renamed site-based SAM complexes to better organize units
  • Renamed STRAIGHT FLUSH to FLAT FACE radar
  • Renamed the Su-35S Flanker-E to Su-35S Flanker-M + Updated R-37M mounting to 4x missiles
  • Replaced AH-64A Apache with AH-64D Apache
  • Russian SAM radars use NATO code names for easier identification
  • Site-based SAMs: Place the FC radar and [4T] = 4 TEL for the SAMs and then the other assorted vehicles
  • Spy Satellite added - provides A2A + A2G link
  • Town Block 2 renamed City Block 8; Town Block 6 renamed Town Block 2
  • Updated all helicopters
  • Updated MIM-104D PAC-2 to site-based
  • Updated MV-22B Osprey and made it flyable
  • Updated NASAMS 1 from MIM-120A to MIM-120B
  • Updated NASAMS 1 to site-based
  • Updated SA-10 complex to site-based
  • Updated SA-20 complex to site-based

Update Log v.1.017
  • Changed M/71 GP Bomb (HD) 4PK to drop all 4 bombs in one drop
  • Removed continuous file from all "PK" bombs
  • Change MK-82 3PK, MK-82 AIR 3PK & MK-82HD 6PK to drop all bombs in one drop
  • Fixed B-1B Lancer to utilize "bomber" attack profile & targeting HUD
  • Increased chaff/flare load on Su-24M to Su-24MK loadout [slightly over due to ECM limitations]
  • Upgraded MIM-23 Hawk to a "site"
  • Corrected A-10A & A-10C flight model, fuel weights, maximum speed, maximum speeds, added GPS targeting to A-10C, fixed A-10A/C hardpoint errors
  • Added F-14B Tomcat
  • Added F-4E Kurnass 2000
  • Changed AH-64A hardpoints to allow 16x AGM-114
  • Changed F-16C Block 30/32 default loadout to reflect Egyptian Peace Vector II (2x AIM-7M + 4x AIM-9L)
  • Change Mirage 2000C (Desert) to Mirage 2000EM
  • Added Hawke's F-35 shape
  • Updated Su-27, Su-33, and Su-35 centerline hardpoints
  • Updated SU27R.SEE & SU37L.SEE radars for N001 Mech & N011M Bars
  • Corrected Flanker damage points & maximum speeds
  • Added Hawke's F/A-18E Super Hornet shape
  • Added J-11A Flanker-B to the SU27V.PT and moved the Su-30SM to its own PT file

Update Log [Prior Versions]
  • Updated thrust on E-2C Hawkeye
  • Updated MiG-17F Fresco-C
  • Updated some objects in the GRXA01 OT file to make them targetable
  • A major overhaul on all guided bombs, missiles, and guns has been completed. The overhaul includes a review of all range, altitude, weight, and warhead settings as well as a revamp of cruise settings, speed, and maneuverability. Guns have been updated for the same but also have had their damage system changed to be based on projectile weight (or explosive mass) instead of caliber-based.
  • Revamped all guided bombs, missiles, and guns as per above
  • Added AC-130E Pave Spectre
  • Added BQM-34S Firebee I
  • Kh-22 Kitchen-A replaced with the Kh-22N Kitchen-F (High) (not sure if it is "F") [High means you have to launch over 32,000 feet]
  • MiG-31 Foxhound-A hardpoints adjusted
  • MiG-31BM Foxhound-B hardpoints adjusted
  • A-4E wing hardpoints updated to 4500# (2240# ea)
  • Added R-3S Atoll-A for MiG-19S, MiG-21F-13, MiG-21PFM, and MiG-21MF
  • B-52H reduced internal fuel by 60K LB for overweight correction
  • Change Kfir C.2 to Kfir C.7
  • Change MiG-23ML to MiG-23MLD
  • Corrected Bucaneer S2B CTD
  • Edited damage points on AShMs: AGM-84D/E, AM39, RBS15F, Kh-31A, Kh-22
  • Fixed AGM-45A Shrike targeting
  • Fixed Leninsky Komsomol-class to cargo.sh
  • Fixed MTOW of the Il-28 Beagle
  • Fixed MTOW of the Su-33 Flanker-D
  • Fixed pylon weights on A-5D Strike Vigilante
  • Full revamp of ECM chaff/flares
  • Moved F-35A from ASTOVLV to ASTOVLE
  • Moved F-35C from ASTOVLE to ASTOVLV
  • Reduced AAA Zone AAA fire to small arms & .50-cal instead of 37MM & 57MM
  • Removal of AGM-114K Hellfire II 4PK
  • Removed F-35A from ASTOVL and replaced with F-35B Lightning (UK)
  • Removed radar guidance on ZSU-57 weapon
  • Removed some extraneous seekers
  • Return AN/ALQ-99 & SPS-171 to loadable items
  • Swap AIM-9D for AIM-9G
  • Tu-160 reduced internal fuel by 10K LB for overweight correction
  • Arleigh Burke Flight I added
  • Consolidation of some radars were done to free up room for new missiles
  • Corrected J-7E fuel
  • F-105D CTD fixed
  • GPU-5 Pave Claw removed
  • Il-28 Beagle-A added
  • MiG-19S Farmer-C added
  • MiG-21F-13 Fishbed-C added
  • MiG-21PFM Fishbed-F added
  • MIM-104D Patriot + associated vehicles added
  • NASAMS 1 + associated vehicles added
  • RIM-66K/L modified to the RIM-66M for VLS
  • RIM-156A Standard SM-2ER added
  • SA-2F Guideline (V-755) added
  • SA-3 Goa site modified [launchers are now vehicles, site is single entity using SA3SIT.SH as shape
  • SA-5B Gammon site added & modified [launchers are now vehicles, site is single entity using SRDR1.SH as shape]
  • SA-6 Gainful site modified [launchers are now vehicles, site is single entity using SA6SFR.SH as shape]
  • Standardized Russian MiGs and Sus to "fuel type"
  • Ticonderoga VLS replaces MK-26 version
  • Tweak Kh-47M2 (AS-24) damage & cruise settings
  • Enabled SH-3G Sea King to land on carriers
  • Revised seeker and radar FOV settings [FOV = ± and not the entire scope]
  • Freed up no less than 14 weapon/ECM/radar slots
  • Added A-10C Thunderbolt II
  • Added MiG-31BM Foxhound
  • Added MiG-31K Foxhound
  • Changed J35 to the J35F Draken
  • Changed JA37 to JA38C Viggen
  • Changed AJ37 to AJS37 Viggen
  • Revamped flight models for Viggens
  • Added Yak-38M Forger-A
  • Added Kuznetsov-class CV
  • Added Kh-47M2 Kinzhal (AS-24 Killjoy)
  • Added AIM-120B AMRAAM
  • Added AIM-4C Falcon (Rb 28) [use on J35F]
  • Added AIM-26B Super Falcon (Rb 27) [use on J35F]
  • Added Kh-58U Kilter [use on the Su-24M]
  • Added SA-10C & SA-20A SAMs and vehicles
  • Added Mirage 2000D
  • Added AS-30L
  • Added F-4D Phantom II
  • Added USAF version of the F-4E Phantom II
  • Added GBU-38 JDAM
  • Added GBU-53 StormBreaker
  • Added AIM-9E Sidewinder
  • Adjusted Su-35S Flanker-E hardpoints to handle 6x R-37M [based on a DCS mod]
  • Tweaked Ukraine missions 1, 7, 10, 11
  • Adjusted Kurile & Ukraine CAM files to have the AIM-120B instead of the AIM-120C-5 [based on date of campaigns]
  • AGM-84E SLAM corrected so it won't explode on launch
  • Russia campaign playthrough completed and mission edits made
  • Fixed R-27ET Alamo-D (it had IR selected but it still had radar guidance required)
  • Changed F-22 chaff/flare load
  • Adjusted damage for the AGM-84D, AGM-84E, and the AM-39
  • Enhanced bomber targeting with JSTARS capabilities
  • Fixed Tu-160 to have bomb bays and not the ability to takeoff from ships
  • Egypt campaign playthrough completed and mission edits made
  • F-4 Phantom II inner wing pylons to 5000#
  • Corrections to the F-14 pylon loadings
  • Jiangchu-II "Typoe" spelling error corrected to "Type"
  • SA-6 Gainful missile range corrected from 3.5nm to 13.5nm
  • ASRAAM added
  • MiG-21bis center pylon weights corrected and Kh-23 capability added


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 Post subject: Re: Game Remod X
PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2022 21:28 pm 
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Joined: Fri Aug 29, 2003 19:11 pm
Posts: 2151
Change Log: Vietnam Mod LIB

Update Log v.1.007
  • Added AN/ALE-2 & AN/ALE-38/41 Chaff pods
  • Added AN/ALQ-105 ECM pod (F-105F + F-105G)
  • Modified F-105F & F-105G for individually loaded inner wing pylons
  • Reduced effectiveness of ECM pods
  • Corrected MIG21D.PT crash
  • Fixed errors in missions 6, 7, 13, 17, 20, 21, and 25 related to missing MIG21D.PT (MIG23.PT)

Update Log v.1.006
  • Updated the AN/ALQ-72 to the AN/ALQ-71
  • Added Cag Hotshot's MiG-19 Farmer shape
  • Updated the C-130H Hercules flight envelope
  • Corrected road names
  • Added USNRaptor's forest-colored HC&C, Bunker, and Shelter and the gray-colored HC&C
  • Updated ground planes for targeting and weapon damage
  • Fixed errors in missions 1, 5, 18, 19, 21, 23, and 25 related to missing MIG21J.PT (MIG27.PT)

Update Log v.1.005
  • Correct damage points & continuous firing on CBU-24, CBU-58, and CBU-100
  • Updated all helicopters (AH-1G, HH-3E, HH-53C, Mi-8T, SH-3G, UH-2A/C)

Update Log v.1.004
  • Added F-100C Super Sabre
  • Added J-7 Fishcan + PL-2
  • Added EC-121D Warning Star

Update Log [Prior Versions]
  • Completed Operation Final Strike 1975 (V75-A)
  • Added A-7B Corsair II
  • Added F-8H Crusader
  • Added E-1B Tracer
  • Added LAU-33/A Zuni rocket launcher
  • Added E-2A Hawkeye
  • Updated thrust on E-2B Hawkeye
  • Added A/EA/RA/KA/EKA-3B Skywarrior variants
  • Added RIM-8E/H/J Talos
  • Added RIM-24C Tartar
  • Added 3-in & 5-in ship guns
  • Added additional USN ships
  • Added EC-121M Warning Star
  • Added USS Pueblo
  • Added SH-3A Sea King
  • Added UH-2A/C Seasprite
  • Added MiG-15bis Fagot-B
  • Added MiG-17PF Fresco-D
  • Updated MiG-17F Fresco-C
  • Added ZPU-1/2/4
  • Added ZU-23
  • Modified AAA Zone to be infantry-based small arms + SA-7B
  • Added M151 Jeep
  • Added SA-2B
  • Added SA-3B


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 Post subject: Re: Game Remod X
PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2022 23:24 pm 
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Joined: Fri Aug 29, 2003 19:11 pm
Posts: 2151
Change Log: USN Pilot Training

Update Log v.1.001
  • Updated mission set to function with latest release of GRX

Update Log [Prior Versions]


     Post subject: Re: Game Remod X
    PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2023 23:49 pm 
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    Joined: Fri Aug 29, 2003 19:11 pm
    Posts: 2151
    Lite LIB v.1.017 is available for download.


     Post subject: Re: Game Remod X
    PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2023 22:00 pm 
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    Joined: Fri Aug 29, 2003 19:11 pm
    Posts: 2151
    Vietnam Mod LIB v.1.004 available for download.


     Post subject: Re: Game Remod X
    PostPosted: Thu Mar 23, 2023 21:23 pm 
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    Joined: Fri Aug 29, 2003 19:11 pm
    Posts: 2151
    New updates available to both the Lite LIB (v.1.018) and the Vietnam Campaign LIB (v.1.005). See change log posts above for details and download links in the first post.


     Post subject: Re: Game Remod X
    PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2023 21:31 pm 
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    Joined: Fri Aug 29, 2003 19:11 pm
    Posts: 2151
    A new update has been posted to the Vietnam Campaign LIB (v.1.006). See change log posts above for details and download link (as a patch) in the first post.


     Post subject: Re: Game Remod X
    PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2023 22:02 pm 
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    Posts: 2151
    Yet another update to the Vietnam LIB because of the MIG21D error and then just because this is how it goes, the LIB was unstable so I added some things. Download the main file for v.1.007.


     Post subject: Re: Game Remod X
    PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2024 01:31 am 
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    Joined: Fri Aug 29, 2003 19:11 pm
    Posts: 2151
    Lite LIB has been updated to v.1.019.


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