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Library Info and Screenshots

Fighters Anthology is the compilation of Electronic Art's U.S. Navy Fighters (USNF), USNF Marine Fighters addon, Advanced Tactical Fighters (ATF), ATF NATO Fighters addon, and USNF '97. Fighters Anthology contains all of the aircraft, vehicles weaponry, missions, maps, and campaigns that its five forebearers had, and adds many new flyable aircraft and maps. This gives the player an aerial combat game extremely extensive and without parallel, and the Duosoft Toolkit adds the ability to modify and make additions to Fighters Anthology in many aspects.

The JKPFA library series expands on Fighters Anthology, modifying and enhancing realism of all default aircraft, weaponry, ships, vehicles, and most structures. JKPFA doubles the number of flyable aircraft in FA and adds many new ships, weapons, vehicles, textures, and sounds, all at an impoved realism and detail level.

See the Libraries page for downloads.

The XB-70 Valkyrie for FA... Is this an accident waiting to happen? The Valkyrie is in Nuclear Forces and JKPFA 4.5

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This F-4E Phantom II and F-5E Tiger II lead an Iranian strike into Iraqi territory. The missiles being fired are AIM-7E Sparrows.
These Mi-8TP Hip-Es pummel Chechyan Rebel trucks with 57mm rockets.

This Harrier GR.Mk 7 fires two ALARM anti-radar missiles at a SA-3 'Goa' installation.
As you can see the SA-3 'Goa' got the Harrier...
...and the Harrier got the SA-3.

Behold the BUFF.

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