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Fighters Anthology Files
Files are listed in alphabetical order by title.

  Name Version Date Size Author Description

FA Version 1.02 Zipped English Version Patch

1.02   460 KB
Jane's Combat Simulations Updates Fighters Anthology to version 1.02, allowing games on Makes updates to improve multiplayer performance, and enables weapon view cameras again in the Shift-4 window.
Executable English Version Patch 1.02   550 KB
Executable French Version Patch 1.02F   543 KB
Executable German Version Patch 1.02G   540 KB
Fighters Anthology Version 1.02 No-CD Patch 1.02   621 KB
Ky3Mu4 This cracked executable file allows version 1.02 of Fighters Anthology to be played without any of the CDs. Place the files into the Fighters Anthology directory. A readme file is included. The FA CDs must not be in the drive when running the game for this cracked exe to work.
FASHion 0.5b 1/10/11 149 KB
Hawke A Fighters Anthology shape editor which uses Google Sketchup to move vertices. Refer to the included readme file for instructions on setting it up and using it.
Aguada's Fighters Anthology EXE Editor 1.01 12/6/11 392 KB
Aguada This program provides a step by step procedure to edit the Fighters Anthology executable file, allowing the user to play in multiplayer Fighters Anthology games over the internet, when connected to the internet through a router.
Airbrush 0.1 Alpha 0.1A   543 KB
Dave Nunez This is a preliminary version of a program that can change the color of object shape polygons and textures. Limited color pallete compared to the later Airbrush version, but can open more shapes.
Airbrush 0.8 Beta 0.8A   924 KB
Dave Nunez Greatly improved polygon and texture coloring program. Some shapes cannot be opened, and some cannot be saved without errors. Greater choices for polygon colors than version 0.1.
Centurian's Skin and Shape Repository 1.0   10.0 MB
Various This zip file contains further zip files of the aircraft textures and shapes that were hosted at Centurian's Skin and Shape Repository. Primarily for use by libmakers to retexture aircraft. Thanks go to Ali for archiving these and making them available.
Customized Cache.M File 3.0   26 KB
Zephyr This is a Cache.M file modified so that all Fighters Anthology shape files and aircraft HUD files will be accessable in the "Missions" Toolkit section. See the readme for the installation procedure.
De Lux 714 Lib Manager 1.0   6 KB
Quebec_01 This lib management system makes it easy to install and uninstall the 714 custom lib, and replace the EA.cfg file if that becomes corrupted.
FA Cam Files 1.0   12 KB
Jane's Combat Simulations These are the default Fighters Anthology campaign files extracted from the toolkit. They may be useful for campaign editing.
FA Keyboard Layout 2.0   817 KB
Zephyr A scan of the keyboard layout from the Fighters Anthology Reference Card.
FA Map Lib 1.0   12 KB
radical_d A work in progress allowing access to and manipulation of FA map files. Released in case someone with C# experience would like to contribute. See the enclosed readme file.
FA No CD 1.0   12 KB
Centurian, Zolos, others Enables Fighters Anthology to be run without a CD in a drive.
FA Screen Saver 0.5 Beta   3.21 MB
FETCH, screenshots by various A Windows screensaver which cycles screenshots of scenes in Fighters Anthology, submitted by the FA community.
FA Windows 7 Start Batch File 1.0 12/6/11 1 KB
Kewell 77th This is a batch file which ends the Windows Explorer task before launching Fighters Anthology, and then allows the task to be restarted easily when FA is exited. This can solve graphics problems and other issues when using Windows 7.
Fighters Anthology Compact 1.00 4/18/10 509 KB
Gerwin For use with version 1.02 with the No-CD Patch. Modifies FA_2.LIB so campaigns work with just an empty FA_4C.LIB file, instead of full size FA_4C.LIB and FA_7.LIB. Enabling one to make a compact but fully functional FA installation, at around 60 MB.
Fighters Anthology Mission Extender 0.2   8 KB
Maciej Koziñski A program that allows users to quickly and easily edit aircraft weapon loads in pro missions, by choosing from editable preset loadouts. Requires ActiveState Perl (free) to use.
Fighters Anthology + US Navy Fighters Music 2.0 2/9/13 573 KB
Gerwin This zip file contains Fighters Anthology, USNF, and USNF '97 XMI music files converted to midi format.
Fighters Anthology Official Manual 1.0   12.8 MB
Jane's Combat Simulations The official manual for Fighters Anthology, in PDF format, as was released on the Fighters Anthology EA Classics disk.
The Fighters Anthology Toolkit 1.0   2.13 MB
Duosoft Duosoft's Toolkit provides FA users the ability to create custom libraries for the game, with new aircraft, weaponry, vehicles, ships, structures, and other objects. New textures, sounds, terrain, weapon icons, etc. are all possible.
Fighters Anthology Toolkit Key Maker 1.0  

118 KB

Dafunk$hun from ALQ This program provides activation keys for the Toolkit.
Hyperlobby Updated Continually   0.7 MB
Jiri "JG27*Hyper"
Fojtasek and team
This program allows for players to host and join multiplayer games using the Hyperlobby system. See the site.
Libhack 1.0   82 KB
Francis Heather A program which allows locked libraries to be recompiled as unlocked, so that they can be imported into the Toolkit.
Libmanager 1.0   177 KB
Tank_77th A utility for moving custom lib files into and out of your Fighters Anthology directory.
Libstamp 1.0   101 KB
Cameron "Vlad" Paine A utility which enables users to use libraries that were produced before they installed FA. Use it if a custom library apparently has no effect on your FA. See the readme file for more information.
Music Files 1.0   7 KB
Steven "Speedy" Chen .MUS files and an explanation on how to change Fighters Anthology inflight and menu music. Includes a forum post by the author detailing the complete list of Fighters Anthology music tracks.
Ptr2cach 1.0   159 KB
Dave Nunez Converts Toolkit "Libptr" files to "Cache" files, so that any file type can be extracted by the Toolkit.
Raw2bmp 1.0   9 KB
Dave Nunez Raw2Bmp converts Fighters Anthology RAW format screenshots to bitmaps. Usage is to type raw2bmp "Screenshotname.raw" in a DOS prompt. Some users may receive runtime errors.
Robert Whitlock's FA Shape Editing Information 1.0   17 KB
Robert Whitlock  
Shapeify 1.0   89 KB
Robert Whitlock A program to allow for rapid shape editing, by allowing automated conversion of shape file hex data to commented text files, and vice versa.
The PT File Explained 6.0   5 KB
Vark111, Iron Eagle, Zephyr, etc. A Rich Text File that annotates lines in an aircraft (.PT) file, explaining what they control.
The Shape File Partly Explained 1.0   2 KB
Rich Caron A Rich Text File explaining some of the lines in a shape file (.SH).
The Shape File, Further Information 1.0   38 KB
Rich Caron A Microsoft Word document (.DOC) explaining some more lines in a shape file (.SH)
Toolkit Replacement Icons 1.0   8 KB
  Replacement graphical icons for some of the buttons and indicators in the Fighters Anthology, or other, Toolkit. Simply copy the bitmap files into your Toolkit\Images folder. Back up the contents of the folder if you want to revert to the original graphics.
Touch 1.0   4 KB
Unknown Unzip this file, then drag a custom library file over to update that library's date. Neccesssary for libs to work if they are older than your Fighters Anthology installation.
Touch Executable 1.0   35 KB
Unknown in the above download does not work with some versions of Windows. This zip file contains Touch.exe, which may have better compatibility. As with, updates lib file dates so old libs can work with new FA installations.
USNF View 1.0   190 KB
Dave Nunez Converts RAW format screenshots to JPEG, BMP, or PCX format.
Varkpad 1.0   187 KB
Vark111 A text editor with features making it easier to edit custom weapons and fuel loads, and names for missions. See the site.
XnView + Nconvert + Plugins 1.19, 2.97   2.17 MB
Pierre-e Gougelet This program can convert and view a wide range of graphics files. Convert your .RAW screenshots to bitmaps for viewing.


If you want me to post your files here, Email me. Please tell me a program title, author's name to display, and a brief description.

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