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Fighters Anthology Editing Resources

Tutorial Articles:

FA Hud Editing Help Rich Text File (2 kb) | Hud Editing JPEG (278 kb) | Hud Palette Info JPEG (138 kb) (credit: Iron Eagle)

The PT File Explained (credits: Vark111, Iron Eagle, Zephyr, etc.)

"The Shape File Partly Explained" (credit: Rich Caron)

The Shape File, Further Information (credit: Rich Caron)

How to create new Fighters Anthology shapes/textures without replacing original shapes/textures.

How to edit the radar and infra-red signatures of aircraft.

Editing Flight models: the basics, and what can be edited through the .PT file.

How to get AI vehicles and ships to aim missiles at targets at any angle around them.

Robert Whitlock's FA Shape Editing Information | Download the Information

Tips Pages:

Frequently Asked Questions page 1

Changing AI aircraft weapon loads, etc. in the PT file, Mission map overlays, FA opening backgrounds, driveable vehicles, AI taxiing aircraft bug, disappearing ECM and fuel tanks, ships and vehicles long range target engaging.

Fequently Asked Questions page 2

Getting custom maps to show up in the Toolkit, getting custom libraries to work, carpet bombing, importing shapes and textures.

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